Recruitment of Staff

Recruitment of Staff​

Recruitment and Placement of Personnel.

It has become standard practice for medium and large business enterprises to make use of recruitment and placement agencies to assist with the recruitment and placement of employees.

HR Focus links members/users of our site to recruitment agencies as part of our service and will HR Focus members be able to link up to such service providers by browsing under the service provider link under the Recruitment of Staff division.

What is important when choosing a credible service provider?

  • Choose a service provider who can tend to most of your business needs inclusive of permanent and temporary placement requirements as well as recruitment and headhunting needs.
  • Choose a service provider who understands your specific business needs as well as your business culture.
  • Choose a service provider with a large, quality database.
  • Choose a service provider with long-standing relationships with their existing clients.
What are important factors to consider pertaining to different services?
  • Choose as the service provider who offers a focused service to our temporary recruitment clients and who ensures that temporary staff members receive all statutory benefits.
  • Choose a service provider who keeps in weekly contact with clients and temporary staff member in order to monitor performance. 
Permanent Recruitment & Headhunting:
  • Choose a service provider with a track record in specialised recruitment and headhunting in the sector in which your business operates.
  • Choose a service provider with a reasonable turnaround time, not compromising the quality.
  • Choose a service provider which is tenacious in their approach to advertising jobs and have dedicated a resource within the business to focus on creating the widest online exposure for jobs they are advertising. 
Fingerprint, Criminal record, and Credit record verification.
Choose a service provider who is able to do necessary fingerprint, credit, and criminal record verifications.

APSO Accredited

Choose a service provider accredited with APSO