Public service workers to strike

Public service workers to strike
epa05594067 Students from Wits University hold their hands up pleading for police not to shoot them during a march to protest against the cost of higher education in Johannesburg, South Africa, 20 October 2016. The ministry of education announced an eight percent increase of university fees following calls by student demonstrators for a zero percent rise.  The violent protests have spread to many of the countries higher education campuses and are in a second month.  EPA/KIM LUDBROOK

Van Blerk (2007-05-16)

At a meeting in Johannesburg on 15 May 2007, leaders of the eight COSATU-affiliated public service unions agreed upon a programme of mass action culminating in an indefinite national strike beginning on 28 May 2007. This is in pursuit of the claim for a 12% wage increase and improvements to housing, medical and other benefits.

The strike will be preceded by a night vigil at Parliament on 20-21 May and marches and rallies in every province on 25 May, coordinated by Joint Management Committees in each province. A meeting with the non-COSATU unions is to be held later this week to coordinate a joint programme of action uniting all public sector workers.

The unions reaffirm that while they are resolute in support of their legitimate and justified demands, they are ready at any time to re-enter negotiations if the government comes forward with a significantly improved offer.