Industrial Relations
C1 - Disciplinary Code And Procedure

The disciplinary code is a very important document and regulates discipline in the workplace. It guides employers as well as employees in terms of rules and regulations as well as penalties that may be invoked in the case of an employee being found guilty of misconduct.

C2 - HIV / AIDS Policy


C3 - Internet And E-mail Usage Policy

This policy assists employers and employees to understand their rights and obligations pertaining to the usage of internet and e-mail in the workplace.Deviation from this code and policy constitute serious misconduct which may result in dismissal in certain circumstances.

C4 - Sexual Harassment Policy

This policy assists employers to handle and prevent cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. The policy is used in conjunction with the disciplinary code. sexual harassment is serious and may lead to dismissal.

C5 - Smoking Policy

This policy document regulates smoking in the workplace; where and when and under which circumstances it is allowed. Deviation from this policy constitutes serious misconduct, may be punishable by law and may constitute a breach in safety regulations.

C6 - Grievance Policy And Procedure

A grievance policy and procedure is integral to any good functioning workplace as this policy and procedure opens up an avenue for employee/s to lodge complaints and grievances. A grievance policy when applied fairly and consistently assist in the protection of employers from cases of alleged constructive dismissal as employee’s in such cases needs to show that the grievance procedure were reasonably exhausted before resignation.

DC001 - Disciplinary Code

The Disciplinary Code is read with and applied with the Disciplinary Procedure DP001 and related forms